As part of developing our skills of capturing and recording heritage, we knew we needed to practice our photography and what better event to photograph for a cricket heritage project than the finals of the Bradford Mutual League!

We arrived with plenty of time to spare so we were able to take photos before, during and after the match; we even took a cheeky selfie or two with some of the players mid-game! For our workshop, we were taught to pay attention to things like location, framing and angles by John who was very familiar with photographing a cricket match as he had photographed many. He briefly spoke to us about the different things to look out for when taking a photo and gave us a presentation on how to take a good photograph. We were surprised on how a few tweaks and techniques can make a photograph that much more appealing and affective to an audience.

After the workshop we were all given disposable cameras and had to use them to capture the event. The reason we were given the disposable cameras rather than digital ones was to put what John had taught us to the test. The task was extremely tricky as with the disposable cameras we had no preview on how the photograph would come out therefore we were purely using the techniques and tips that John had told us about and were hoping for the best. The outcome of the photographs weren’t great but this was expected. What we were surprised by is the photographs where techniques such as “framing” were displayed were a lot more appealing compared to others.