Meet the Team

Mobeen Butt
Mobeen ButtProject Lead
Mobeen is the Projects Director of the AYA Foundation and leads the From Parks to Pavilions Project
Nasser Hanif
Nasser HanifProject Manager
Nasser is a freelance BBC journalist, teaches Journalism at Leeds Beckett University, and is the Project Manager of the From Parks to Pavilions Project.

Our Valuable Young Project Team Members:

Visit to Bradford Archives Local Study Library
Visit to Blackburn Museum Art Gallery
Visit to Lords Museum Cricket Ground
Maria Hussain (18)
Maria Hussain (18)
Hasnain Mahmood (14)
Hasnain Mahmood (14)
Zara Shahzad (15)
Zara Shahzad (15)
Sahil Aziz (15)
Sahil Aziz (15)
Alyba Shahzad (11)
Alyba Shahzad (11)
Marva Aziz (16)
Marva Aziz (16)
Arun Malik (11)
Arun Malik (11)
Zara Hanif (14)
Zara Hanif (14)
Aaqib Khan (16)
Aaqib Khan (16)
Alisha Hussain (14)
Alisha Hussain (14)
Haseeb Khan (12)
Haseeb Khan (12)

We would like to thank:

(in alphabetical order)
Solly Adam
M. Imtiaz Ali
Mohammed Arif
Mark Arthur
Asian Cricket Awards
Khalida Ashrafi
Mohammed Ayub
John Bolloten
Blackburn Museum & Gallery
Bradford MDC
Bradford Local Studies Library
Bradford Libraries
Caroline Brown
Farooq Butt
Taj Butt
Ashraf Dadiwala
Ismail E. Daji
Ismail Dawood
Dewsbury District League
Dewsbury Library
England and Wales Cricket Board
Tom Flecther
Abdul Ghaffar
Stan Gostellow
M. Taj Haider
Jane Hannah
Luqman Hans
Basharat Hussain
Mo Hussain
Sameena Hussain
Ziarat ‘Nasa’ Hussain
Naveed Idrees
Stephen Irwin
Jackie Janmohammed
Mohammed Javed
Karmand Community Centre
Hassan Kayat
Ahmed S. Kayat
Shazia Khadim
Halima Khan
Ijaz Khan
Fozia Latif
Leeds Beckett University
Lightwaves Leisure & Community Centre
Lord’s Cricket Museum
Sikander Mahmood
M. Amir Majid
Sophia Maskin
Amarjit Singh Matharu
M. Hanif Mayet
Troy McIntosh
Dipak Mistry
Mohanlal Mistry
Ghulam Nabi
National Asian Cricket Council
Oval Cricket Ground
Lord Kamlesh Patel of Bradford
Yusuf Ahmed Patel
Pellon Community Centre
Edris Raje
Musarat Raza
Danny Reuben
Mel Reuben
Gulfraz Riaz
Ajmal Shahzad
Yakub Valli
Andrew Walpole
Yorkshire Cricket Club
Yorkshire Cricket Foundation
Yorkshire Cricket Museum
M. Anwar Zahid
(and all the parents of the young people that were involved).

Our Supporters and Partners include: