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  • Exhibition at Headingley Asian Womens Cricket

Exhibition at Headingley II

We were invited back to Headingley to exhibit our photographs. Now well practiced we set up the exhibition again and displayed our work and what we’ve learned to a whole host of new people. An [...]

On Radio talking about the Parks to Pavilions project

On the day of our exhibition at the Cricket Museum at Headingley Cricket Ground whilst England played Pakistan. We were approached to do some radio interviews. Maria went on BBC Radio Asian Network. And the [...]

  • YP at Exhibition launch at Headingley with Lord Patel and Mark Arthur

Launch of Exhibition at Headingley

What a better time and place to set up our exhibition than at Headingley Stadium right before a match between Pakistan and England! We had already worked on how we wanted the exhibition to look, [...]

  • Visit to Lords Museum Cricket Ground

Visit to Lords

We got a tour of the stadium, starting at one side and walked through the stadium itself, we even walked through the double doors that all players walk through before their match! All the while [...]

  • Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop II

  The second workshop we went to was led by Deepak Mistry. He gave us a talk about the purpose and story contained in a single photo and showed us examples of his own photos [...]

  • Cricket Player

Intro to Documentary Photography

As part of developing our skills of capturing and recording heritage, we knew we needed to practice our photography and what better event to photograph for a cricket heritage project than the finals of the [...]

  • Visit to Blackburn Museum Art Gallery

Intro to Museums and Exhibiting – Visit to Blackburn Museum

To experience another way to research and display heritage, we went to Blackburn Museum to see their exhibitions and learn more about their galleries and what they had on display. The first gallery we visited [...]

  • Fever FM visit

Intro to Radio – Visit to FeverFM and BBC Leeds radio studios

Heritage isn’t all about dusty books and recording people talking about the past, TV and radio can also play a part in letting others know about heritage so we paid a visit to not one [...]

  • Visit to Bradford Archives Local Study Library

Intro to Archives – Visit to Bradford Local Studies Library

So we know how to record Oral Histories, now we need to know where to put them! The following week we made a visit to the Bradford Local Studies Library which houses the West Yorkshire [...]

  • Oral Hisotry Interview Training

Interviewing Skills

  We had some more interview technique training before we went out and interviewed people for real!  

  • Oral History Training

Intro to Oral History Interviews – Training by the Oral History Society

Our Oral History training was held on the 2nd of July,  it was taught by the Oral History Society. Our Oral History training started off with a presentation from Michelle, a lecturer from Sheffield University. [...]