Our Programme Schedule

26 June

2 July 

9 July 

17 July 

23 July 

31 July

7 August

14 August

20 August

28 August

31 August

1 September

4 September

21 September

28 October

7 November

13 November

21 November

5 December

19 December

9 January

 30 January

17 February

27 April

Intro to Heritage – Workshop: What is heritage

Intro to Oral History Interviews – Training by the Oral History Society

Intro to Archives – Visit to Bradford Local Studies Library

Intro to Radio – Visit to FeverFM and BBC Leeds radio studios

Intro to Museums and Exhibiting – Visit to Blackburn Museum

Intro to Documentary Photography

Exhibition Design

Interviewing Skills

Visit to Lords

Exhibition Build

Launch of Exhibition at Headingley

Exhibition at Cricket Museum, Headingley

Exhibition at Longroom, Headingley Cricket Ground

Exhibition at Asian Cricket Awards at Oval

Exhibition at Bradford Local Studies Library (1 week)

Exhibition at City Library (2 weeks)

Exhibition at Quaid-e Azam League Awards

Exhibition at Eccleshill Library (2 weeks)

Exhibition at Keighley Library (2 weeks)

Exhibition at Shipley Library (2 weeks)

Exhibition at Manningham Library (3 weeks)

Exhibition at Dewsbury Library (3 weeks)

Exhibition at Lightwaves Leisure & Community Centre (9 weeks)

Event at Leeds Beckett University